Principal: Mrs Victoria Jackson (Montessori Diploma)

Physical Education

At Chrysalis we believe that Physical Education is very important. Children develop gross motor skills by climbing, jumping, swinging and skipping and taking part in many physical activities.

Each day after registration the children participate in our daily tap lessons, both the boys and girls really enjoy this group activity and they are able to show their families the routine at the Nursery Nativity each year.

We have daily Music and Movement sessions and P.E where the children can learn about their bodies, how to dress for P.E., warm up and cool down their muscles and move around safely. This is all great preparation for our annual Sports Day!

Learning to keep fit with Montessori

Outside children are encouraged to run around and play traditional games such as Duck, Duck Goose and What Time is it Mr Wolf?

We also have a selection of balance bikes, pedal bikes, scooters and stilts.

The Children are encouraged to play out all year round so they can learn about the Seasons and the lovely British Weather.

We have a play house with kitchen, sand pit, water trays, paint and chalk boards available for the children.

We also visit our local play area which has wonderful space and equipment for the children to use.

Physical Education is just one of the five steps of the six plane of development. See also:

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