Physical Education - The Montessori Method

At Chrysalis we believe that Physical Education is very important. Children develop gross motor skills by climbing, jumping, swinging and skipping and taking part in many physical activities. We have a weekly P.E. session where the children bring along a pair of shorts, a t-shirt and some pumps so they learn how to dress and undress as well as exercise. Each of our P.E. sessions consist of a warm up while we talk about the importance of exercise and how we need to warm up to loosen our muscles.

Learning to keep fit with Montessori

After warm up we do lots of running, jumping, hopping, skipping, rolling, slithering and crawling. This is usually made into a fun game or acting out a story. We also have music sessions where we encorporate movement and music together. On a Monday we have a professional dance teacher who comes in and teaches some tap dancing steps, we then practice this routine most days throughout the week. Outside children are encouraged to run around and play traditional games such as Duck, Duck Goose and What Time is it Mr Wolf? We also have a selection of balance bikes, pedal bikes, scooters and stilts.

Physical Education is complementary to the five steps of the first plane of development. See also: Sensorial, Language, Mathematics, Practical Life and Cultural Subjects